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Below are all the areas we cover in Penrith which is in the county of Westmorland:

CA10, Askham
CA10, Bampton
CA10, Bampton Grange
CA11, Berrier
CA10, Blencarn
CA11, Blencow
CA11, Bowscar
CA11, Brackenburgh
CA10, Bretherdale
CA10, Brougham
CA10, Burnbanks
CA10, Butterwick
CA11, Calthwaite
CA11, Carleton
CA11, Carleton Village
CA11, Catterlen
CA10, Cliburn
CA10, Clifton
CA10, Clifton Dykes
CA10, Crosby Ravensworth
CA10, Culgaith
CA11, Dacre
CA11, Dalemain
CA11, Deepdale
CA11, Dockray
CA10, Eamont Bridge
CA11, Eden Business Park
CA11, Edenhall
CA11, Ellonby
CA11, Flusco
CA10, Gaisgill
CA10, Gamblesby
CA11, Gilwilly Industrial Estate
CA10, Glassonby
CA11, Glenridding
CA11, Great Salkeld
CA10, Great Strickland
CA11, Greengill
CA10, Greenholme
CA11, Greystoke
CA10, Hackthorpe
CA10, Hardendale
CA11, Hartsop
CA10, Helton
CA10, High Bank Hill
CA10, Howtown
CA10, Hunsonby
CA11, Hutton End
CA11, Hutton John
CA11, Hutton-in-the-forest
CA11, Inglewood Bank
CA11, Johnby
CA10, Keld
CA10, Kelleth
CA10, Kings Meaburn
CA10, Kings Meaburn
CA10, Kirkby Thore
CA10, Kirkland
CA10, Kirkoswald
CA11, Laithes
CA11, Lamonby
CA10, Langwathby
CA10, Lazonby
CA10, Little Salkeld
CA10, Little Strickland
CA11, Longdale
CA10, Low Moor
CA10, Lowther
CA11, Maidenhill
CA10, Martindale
CA11, Matterdale
CA11, Matterdale End
CA10, Maulds Meaburn
CA10, Melkinthorpe
CA10, Melmerby
CA10, Milburn
CA10, Morland
CA11, Mosedale
CA11, Motherby
CA11, Mungrisdale
CA11, Newbiggin
CA10, Newby
CA11, Newton Reigny
CA11, Newton Rigg
CA10, North Dykes
CA10, Old Tebay
CA10, Orton
CA10, Ousby
CA11, Pallet Hill
CA11, Pategill
CA11, Patterdale
CA11, Penruddock
CA11, Plumpton
CA10, Pooley Bridge
CA10, Raisbeck
CA10, Reagill
CA11, Redhills
CA10, Renwick
CA10, Rosgill
CA11, Roundthorn
CA10, Roundthwaite
CA10, Shap
CA11, Skelton
CA11, Skirsgill
CA10, Skirwith
CA10, Sleagill
CA10, Sockbridge
CA11, Soulby
CA11, South Dyke
CA10, Staffield
CA11, Stainton
CA10, Tebay
CA11, Thackthwaite
CA11, Thiefside
CA11, Thomas Close
CA10, Thrimby
CA10, Towcett
CA11, Troutbeck
CA10, Unthank
CA11, Watermillock
CA10, Whale
CA10, Whinfell
CA10, Wickersgill
CA10, Winskill
CA10, Yanwath
You submit your scrap car for scrapping using our simple and secure online form and clicking the button above. The request will enter our scrap car request database and a member of our team will contact you to discuss our offer, once agreed your scrap car will be allocated based upon your postcode to the nearest of our 23 nationwide fully licensed scrap car collection sites. Alternatively, you can contact a member of our team on 01226 770306 or Freephone 0800 111 4995 during office hours to discuss your scrap car collection or email us at [email protected].